”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter.”

- Martin Luther King

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Human Capital

We offer a full service Search and Selection function focused on placing professionals in a wide spectrum of roles in diverse organizations and industries.

By combining the traditional agency function with innovative solutions in human resources and people management advisory services, Golden Pond is in a position to offer clients superior human capital interventions.

Our generalist focus has enabled us to work with a robust compliment of top candidates whom we have placed in equally varied organizations across sectors. To this end we have an impressive candidate database and network.

Our Extended Human Capital Offering

We recognize and value the diverse and unique nature of our clients’ needs by offering the following specialized advisory and management services:

  • Outsourced Human Resource Desk – we are able to second or assign an HR consultant to organizations that do not require a full time HR resource or cannot justify its presence in their operations in the short term. This person would attend to all human resource related functions as discussed and agreed by the client.

  • Recruitment Advertising, Response Handling, Collation and Selection – we handle recruitment drives for our clients, conduct short listing and pre-employment checks on a project by project basis.

  • People Advisory Solutions - Human Resource Audits, Performance Management, Policies & Procedures, Skills and Organizational Development.

  • Graduate Recruitment and Development
    Programs – we partner with our clients in understanding their resourcing and skills needs post immediate employment and seek to enhance future growth and operations by fostering a talent focused recruitment strategy.

  • Prevue Assessments – we offer a pre-employment assessment tool grounded in psychometric principles. Prevue is extremely useful in reducing staff turnover, improving performance, eliminating guesswork about staff and improving employee commitment.  Reports that are generated per complete web-based assessment of each candidate include:

    • SELECTION REPORT which compares the individual scores with the benchmark and calculates a “goodness of fit” measure.  Where the individual has not met the requirements of the benchmark, sample questions are generated to aid the interviewer in probing areas of mis-match.  This report also provides the interviewer with a narrative report and gives, by scale, a detailed explanation of the individual’s results.

    • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT REPORT is useful in coaching, counseling and performance appraisal.  This report compares the individual scores with the benchmark and identifies gaps and comments on their possible significance whilst offering coaching and development suggestions.

    • SUCCESSION PLANNING REPORT is useful in identifying where current and potential employees might usefully develop.  This uses the database feature to enable managers to select any number of job benchmarks and compare an individual to these to identify where and how they might fit those jobs.
    • INDIVIDUAL REPORT provides the individual with a feedback report detailing the test findings in the form of a full narrative and explanation of results.

    • WORKING CHARACTERISTICS REPORT provides information on five topics presented as business related behaviours. It is derived from the personality traits and answers questions around salary structure, importance of work, attitude to risk etc

NOTE: Where Golden Pond are not able to offer a total solution to the client due to specialization or capacity, we have a comprehensive database and network of consulting partners with whom we can engage.

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